​​About Hudnott's ...

Only basic ingredients are used in the making of Hudnott’s concoctions. Hudnott's Blackberry Gin is made by blending blackberries, sugar and gin. The concoctions are aged, filtered and decanted into recycled glass bottles. There are no additives, artificial flavourings or preservatives.

The beautiful Hudnott’s labels have been created by Benjamin Green.

Each label is hand-stamped with the batch number, date it was made and alcohol percentage volume, which varies each batch. The final touch is a hand-crafted wax stamp which crowns the wooden cork stoppers.

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Currently available from Hudnott's: 

Blackberry Gin                    Coffee Rum                   Grapef
ruit Vodka

    Elderflower Gin                   Raspberry Brandy                  Blackcurrant Rum

NEW for 2018        Lemon Gin                  Redcurrant Vodka